The world is changing all around us and as an organization we are ready for tomorrow today. Our vision is for every teenager to have access to technology opportunities regardless of where they live or the status of their parents.
Our Mission is to provide teenagers the opportunity to learn about technology through problem-solving and coding, while empowering them to be creators in the digital economy and to help them have fun in the process.
Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world. First we understand Teens Can Code is an organization, Teens Can Code is a brand.
Excellence: What we do, we do it well, in:
High performance – We set and achieve aggressive goals.
Accountable – We take ownership, celebrate successes and we are responsible for results
Strategic – We make clear choices, anticipate changing conditions and plan for the future
Integrity and Ethic: We do the right thing, in an honest, fair, and responsible way and we strive to build a strong, trusted relationship with all stakeholders.
Respect for the Individual
We Listen – We want to be visible and available; to collaborate with others and be open to feedback.
We Lead by Example – In humility, we teach and trust others to do their jobs, we give honest and direct feedback.
Inclusive – |We seek and embrace differences in people, gender, ideas, and experiences.
Problem-solving/Collaboration - We can do all things when we leverage our collective genius.
Communication: We maintain effective internal and external communication in harmony and balance between all stakeholders
Passion for our work and Play: We enjoy what we do and we do it in a fun and exciting environment.
Partnership: Partnership is a vital part of our organization. We treat our partners with respect and honesty and receive the same in return. We are open to new ideas and innovation so that we achieve our goals and perform on a higher level. We support and encourage growth and development from every angle, whether it is with a teenager, as an organization, or as an individual within the industry. Education is an undertaking we endorse and value.
We Pay It Forward: We want to improve, enrich, uplift and inspire young people everywhere while they also pay it forward to their community.

About Teens Can Code

Teens in rural Africa face marginalization in terms of opportunities and quality education, they do not have equal playing ground like their counterparts in urban areas. At Teens Can Code we want to bridge this gap, we believe that the opportunity every child has should not be determined by where they live or the status of their parents.

We are bringing educational opportunities in technology to teens in low-income communities through problem solving and coding. The future of our world is digital and to prepare humanity for the years ahead, we need more of our children to learn how technology works, regardless of their future profession.

We want to help prepare our teenagers for the future by providing them with a rich foundation in critical thinking, problem-solving and coding, these skills are so valuable for success in today’s dynamic world. Learning to code prepares young people for the world we live in today. IT IS THEIR FUTURE!

Teens Can Code is an organization helping to expand access to computer science classes through problem-solving and coding.


Our Reach

Through conferences, events and school career day programs.


Teenagers Trained

Through our partnership with TeenCode Africa an Andela Initiative we trained over 100 teens.


Communities Adopted

Our focus is on the low-income areas, already have impact in Ikotun and Ajegunle both in Lagos, Nigeria.



Our works have been impactful thanks to the support from our volunteer community.