NO CHILD SHOULD BE DENIED THE RIGHT TO ACQUIRE KNOWLEDGE: No child should be denied the right to learn or acquire knowledge, regardless of who they are, where they live or how much money their family has. For us quality education should focus on improving learning and skill they need to thrive in an ever-changing world.

IT’S NOT JUST CODING: Technology is not all about coding. In our work over the years we have realised the fears that some people have when they say “coding or programming is tough” while the learning process can be tough because programming requires a very specific kind of quantitative and analytical thinking. We understand this and we encourage everyone to embrace technology because technology is more than coding, there are lots of jobs and career in tech for people who don’t want to code.

THE TOOLBOX (Continued Learning): To achieve excellence in any endeavour one must build a comprehensive toolbox, as well as the skills needed to use those tools. Knowing how to use the toolbox is as important as having the toolbox. In our case as Teens Can Code our most important tool usually evolve around knowledge, and our organisation’s toolbox is the union of all the toolboxes of our staff, volunteers and stakeholders.

GENDER EQUALITY: Over the years we realised that Girls learn differently, in the early years of our work, we always noticed that only few girls respond to our call for coding programs and then the few that starts the program most of the girls don’t complete it, once they complete the basic stage and we introduce them to an advance program they don’t return the next day, we kept wondering until we realised that people learn differently, in recent time, for most of our programs we emphasize on equal number for gender either 50:50 or max 60:40. Also in 2019 we launched an only girls program called Go Girls: Code + Create find more about it here.

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