We are proud to announce our new initiative to keep everyone and especially young people virtually safe.

There are many opportunities offered by the internet, particularly the growth in online shopping, work, banking, social media and networking sites. Today, the internet has become a fact of modern life for most of us which makes us even more vulnerable, as it also attracts individuals with malicious intent, and other challenges like cyberbullying, sexting, over-use and many other issues.

Online safety shouldn't be taken for granted, As an organization helping to expand access to technology education, we understand the importance of online safety and we are committed to educating users of technology about safety, privacy and security by providing research based safety tips, resources and practical advice on how to protect yourself online.

Online safety is a balance between understanding online behaviour – knowing the differences between risk, danger and harm – and being empowered to mitigate such issues. Another key tactic is encouraging positive use of online platforms and social media. Showing students how social media can be used for good, and creating a positive digital footprint is an important aspect of staying safe online.

It is up to us to ensure we keep ourselves and our information safe when using the internet.

What We Are Doing To Make The Internet Safer

Educating The Public

To help schools equip young people with the knowledge and skills to be safe online

Partnering With Law Enforcement

Effective partnership between cyber citizens with Law Enforcement

Cyber Trybe

Join our Cyber Trybe Community. As a Cyber Citizen you are responsible for your own safety online.