Bring Education to life

Virtual Reality For Education...

VR education makes learning fun, safe, and more engaging than ever before.

Our Virtual Reality contents turns educational materials into interactive experiences that helps engage & increase knowledge retention for students.

We understand that VR is yet to be widely used within most classrooms, most likely due to the cost of the headsets. We have seen the potential of VR revolutionizing education in Africa and we are exploring different ways we can make this technology accessible for classrooms in Africa.


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The only source of knowledge is experience”. The best way to learn and retain information is to actually experience it, and VR learning allows you to do just that. Would you rather hear stories about ancient Egypt or walk amongst the pyramids yourself?


Which subjects can benefit from VR Education

  • Geography: VR allows students to actually venture anywhere in the world rather than learning about the world through text books.
  • Science: With the use of VR students can also learn about Biology and Chemistry.
  • History:You can travel back in time to catch a glimpse of how things used to be through a VR experience on History.
  • Art: With VR, you can view some of the world’s most beautiful art galleries from absolutely anywhere..