We are facing an unprecedented time in our modern history as a global pandemic impacts the world in so many ways. The COVID 19 crisis affects us all- from our families, to our busineses, to the community of schools that we serve, and because education can not wait until everything returns to normal, though schools may be lockeddown, learning is still open and happening at home this lockdown period.

As a hands-on learning organization that caters to young people and families, Teens Can Code is committed to helping families find creative ways to enhance their children’s learning experiences.

We have been in the business of bringing fun exciting hands-on learning and coding programs for years now. We are working hard to create new learning opportunities for your children as they learn at home.

We will be using Zoom App for our online group learning and home tutoring.

Our team at Teens Can Code has been preparing a way to serve our community in the next few weeks and beyond with online hands-on learning opportunities.

We are here to help you with new possibilities. While schools may be lockdown we can not afford to lockdown learning.

Now you will be able to log in your child to any of our classes. Students are not required to have a Zoom account and can join classes using the links sent from our teachers. We work with vetted and well experienced teachers.

Subjects: Mathematics, English and Coding (Scratch, HTML/CSS, Python)

For the best experience, we do recommend every user download the Zoom application on their preferred Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, or Android device. Families can also use a phone/device to access the meeting; they will just need to download the Zoom app.

READY TO HAVE FUN? Let's Get Started With Your Children. To participate Kindly send 'Zoom Learn' as SMS to +2347035715049 our representative will call you and set up your class.